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Government Polytechnic College, Kohima, Nagaland welcomes EduGrievance

The Government College of Polytechnic, Kohima has decided to join hands with EduGrievance Online Grievance Redressal Software, the most advanced way of solving the problems at a campus. The systematic and user-friendly framework of EduGrievance eases the difficulties of registering a complaint and the long wait to get is disposed. A proper Online Grievance Redressal System has been a necessity for the educational institutions as the petty and severe cases of disturbances in campuses ranging from low attendance to ragging. The Special attributes and customizations of the software let students obtain remedy for the issues they are dealing with in a matter of days. The Government College of Polytechnic, Kohima is authorized by State Government of Nagaland. It envisions the development of human resources, efficiency, equity, accountability and innovation. The institution plans to substantially increase the the growth of engineering and technology in Nagaland with the available facilities and faculty strength of the institution.