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Government Women’s Polytechnic College Implements Grievance Redressal System

Calicut’s most advanced and developed polytechnic institution, Government Women Polytechnic College, Malaparamba has decided to join hands with Orell Software solutions regarding the purchase and installation of EduGrievance- The Online Grievance Redressal System. The college was established in 1962 with a view to create numerous opportunities for women in Calicut and all over Kerala to com e up with their expertise in Technical education and knowledge. The college envisions a campus full of women empowered with integrity and courage that will excel them all their life. EduGrievance is forerunner software in grievance redressal powered by Orell the global leaders of educational software solutions which has 4000+ clients from all over the world. The software is a fully-fledged platform that delivers assured hundred percent customer satisfaction in all aspects, be it on the installation and training of the software or on the post-installation services. As a firm that strictly follow the guidelines of the primary educational governmental organizations like AICTE, Orell is planning to make this campus a tension free one.