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Hi-Tech Institute avails for iTell Digital language lab

iTell Digital language lab embraces with the intellectual revolution under Hi- Tech charitable rust in Odisha, Hi-Tech Institute of Information and Technology Jeypore. The top language learning software available in the world engages the students and teachers with manifold possibilities for individualization and interactivity. iTell is the perfect medium to master the proficiency to communicate languages. The mechanism has 4000+ trustworthy clients across 40 countries. The fully-fledged institution with diploma Engineering course in the year 2007 was already came to existence in 2001. The platform seems to welcome to nurture in an academic environment to set goals for achieving newer heights from the outskirts of Jeypore. Under the dynamic leadership of the director Dr. Deepak Ranjan Dash and persistent support of Chairman Sri N Anand Rao, the institute is a blessed enterprise with well-equipped cyber lab and many amenities.