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Installation of iTell Language Lab at St. Antony's College, Shillong

Orell is happy to report that iTell Digital Language Lab has been installed at St. Antony's College, Shillong. iTell's Premium 3 version, which is installed on one teacher and thirty-six student consoles is the most advanced version which will help students at St. Antony's College improve their language and communication skills. The installation and training of iTell was conducted by Orell's Technical Support Executive, Mr. Abhinav Kumar Pandey.
iTell will help students improve their second language fluency as well as provide real-time conversation with students, therefore, reducing the time lags that are usually present in a typical classroom scenario. The software is a user friendly platform that makes it simple for both teachers and students to assign and practice the lessons. The students can listen, repeat and compare the lessons till they achieve a level of perfection.
St. Antony's College, Shillong is a highly reputed and the first ever University College worldwide of the Don Bosco Society, established in 1934. The college is affiliated to North Eastern Hill University and is recognized as a College with Potential for Excellence (CPE), by UGC.