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Sri Ramkrishna Mahila College welcomes iTell in their campus

Giridh a mineral-rich town in Jharkhand establishes a recognized women's college Sri Ramkrishna Mahila Mahavidyalaya College, goes for iTell digital language lab software. iTell the premium version with its consoles which is ultimately going to help their students in learning English language brilliantly. The software is a proven enterprise to improve overall communications skills and thereby enhancing the confidence level. Sri. Ramkrishna Mahila College is donated by Swami Shiv Narayan Puri who named the college after the great saint Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans for giving a result of combined aspiration strivings of many scholarly persons. Since 1978, the institute granted permanent affiliation to IA and BA courses by the government of Bihar and Ranchi University. A picturesque town in Jharkhand in eastern India nestled between Usri River and Prasanth hills upholds a reputed women's college. The very remarkable serve held with regularity makes to inculcate knowledge and manners to their young ladies who study there.