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iTell is installed at SIET Patna for best language learning experience

Affiliated to Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna, Siwan Engineering and Technical Institute acquires for better language learning through iTell. Learner centric task based activities incorporated in the software enables the students to acquire communication skills and language fluency with a few sessions. The intensive practicing using iTell language learning software helps students to get rid of their shyness and inhibition while speaking in English.

It has now been successful to provide the quality standard education and all round development of the student in all the spheres of life by installing iTell language lab. Involving the imperative need to establish the excellence of the institutions in the relevant fields of Science, Technology and Management fields for bringing into forefront the minorities and other deprived people to get related to the industrial world through Siwan Engineering. The trust/society known as the social welfare trust in Siwan is under the dynamic leadership of Janab Trustee since the year 1998.