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Schooberry is versatile and full-service campus management software designed to serve as an integrated and centralized administrative platform that unifies services, administrative management and reporting to increase the operational efficacy of educational institutions. This 26 module state of the art automation system is precision engineered to serve every aspect of managing a campus, cost-effectively. The service-oriented architecture with modular hardware and software units or “services” that communicate across a Local Area Network (LAN/Intranet) and/or the World Wide Web/Internet, Schooberry is not only plug-and-play ready, but also customizable to meet even the most exacting customer-specific requirements while preserving data. Campus Management Software

Why Schooberry

Schooberry is the one-stop solution designed to solve the problems faced by institutions in administrative and academic activities. From admission to graduation and beyond, Schooberry leverages new generation, web based technologies, to seamlessly integrate, streamline andmanage in a secure, stable and scalable technical environment, the various touch-points and events that make-up the relationship a student has with the educational institution.Schooberry is a browser based system suite crafted using highly available, well integrated and scalable technology platforms. Schooberry lets users access their information anytime and anywhere using a Web browser. Schooberry is a next-generation, fully integrated, end-to-end campus management solution suite and is a “one-stop shop” that addresses and automates all the activities.Schooberry automatically identifies roles and relationships so students, faculty and alumni see the content and information specific to their needs, when they need it and sensitive data is protected to prevent inappropriate access.

Schooberry – Advantages
  • User-friendly: Easy to use tools and self-explanatory screen with evident data-flow and that assists the user for quick processing.
  • Efficient decision making: Enable easy decision making for the management with multiple report generation capability.
  • Safe &Secure: Facilitates secure data management and speedy retrieval of information.
  • Real-time reports: Many types of real time reports can be generated from Schooberry anytime during academic year.
  • Reduced Workload: The tools and techniques provided by Schooberry detect the problems of administrative department and resolve them easily.
  • Better control: Schooberry is designed to enforce better management strategies to have better control on all functions, integrating all functions including accounts, inventory, student's channels, etc. under one wing.
  • Time saving: Schooberry helps in effective running and functioning of the campus saving a lot of time spend on the human resource department, campus assets management and many more.
  • Customizable and Measurable: Schooberry delivers endless customization to suite your institute requirements and is measurable to match the progress of the campus.
  • Affordable Pricing: Orell offers one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and highest Return on Investment (ROI). Our solutions and services will be affordable for campus of any magnitude.
  • Broader scheme of Services: We offer installation, support, customization, implementation, integration, hosting and training services. It is an end-to–end solution to all your campus administration problems.
Schooberry has 10 essential modules and 10 add on modules


Schooberry Admittance
(Admission Management System)

Handle entire registration and admission process of students for every academic year with user friendly Admission process

Schooberry SIS
(Student Information System)

It is an essential one-stop-module that delivers up-to-the-minute details of every pupil on the roll with detailed reporting and smart search options.

Schooberry WIS
(Workforce Information System)

A comprehensive staff information solution to increase performance and efficiency thereby helping the education institutions automate processes

Schooberry Pay
(Fee Management System)

A smart fee management solution with options for common and individual fee settings that can track the records of your students’ past, future and current fee billing / payment collection.

Schooberry Scheduler
(Timetable Management System)

Schooberry Scheduler timetable management system reduces course conflicts of students and allotment of classes according to convenient timings.

Schooberry Attendance
(Attendance Management System)

This 100% fail-safe attendance tracking single point interface keeps an eagle's-eye on the presence and truancy of every enrolled scholar.

Schooberry Assessment
(Grading, Examination & Report Card)

This module is inevitable in conducting arduous procedures like Exam timetable Creation, Score analysis, Grading/promotion etc.

Schooberry Classroom
(Classroom Management and eLearning)

This module help tutors to reach out the students in real time and transform the traditional classrooms into smart.

Schooberry Connect
(SMS Alert & Parent-Teacher Communication)


This module allows you to communicate with students, parents and teachers of the campus. SMS alerts module covers different areas like alert, announcements and reminders etc.

Schooberry Front Desk
(Front office Management System)

Front-Office  module manages tasks like visitor’s details, setting up of reminders for events, activities, contacts, appointments, incoming and outgoing calls routed.

Addon Modules:

  • Library Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Travel tracking
  • Hostel Management
  • Online Examination
  • Staff Evaluation
  • Alumni Management
  • Grievance redressal

PRICING (Lifetime Perpetual Licence)

MRP : Rs.12,00,00.00 + GST
Special Offer : Rs.9,50,000.00 + GST


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