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LAD College approaches for a deal with Oréll's Oréll Talk language lab

Lady Amritbai Daga College for women a humble beginning by Women's Education Society entrusts to build a its goal centered around women's progress in educational, social and cultural fields initaiting Oréll Talk the digital language lab software powered by Oréll into their campus. Oréll Talk is the one and only language lab software solution preferred in every educational domain. The unlimited and customized e-lessons enables to saves time for learners and teachers to enhance their efficiency in language learning procedures. The user- friendly interface keep track of student's performances and monitors assignments and class activities. In addition to that the software permits communication for teachers to communicate with their students. The College was formally inaugurated by Honourable Justice Dr. M.B. Niyogi, C.I.E and the Vice Chancellor of Nagpur University and later the President of Women's Education Society on 11th July 1932, affiliated to the Nagpur University on 1st July 1935 as Central College for Women

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